Norm Rose is a  recognized expert on all aspects of travel technology and travel industry trends. He is a seasoned travel industry visionary who provides a clear picture of the future of travel. Whether addressing changes in the airport experience or how mobile and social media is reshaping the planning and booking of travel, Norm brings the future of the world’s largest industry, travel and tourism, into clear focus.

Here are some links to recent speeches by Norm Rose
– AI at ITB Berlin 2017 ITB Berlin 2017 AI
– Blockchain presented at ITB Berlin 2018: ITB Berlin 2018 Blockchain
– Interview on Emerging Technologies March 2018: Webcertain TV interview

Norm’s keynote speeches touches on all  parts of the travel value chain including suppliers (airlines, airport, hoteliers, car rental, ground transportation, activity providers), online travel (OTAs, Meta-search, aggregators, Google Flight and Google Hotel Search, Bing! Travel), traditional travel companies (travel agents, tour operators, theme parks, tourism organizations and DMOs), corporate travel (corporate travel managers and buyers, TMCs, corporate booking tools, expense management tools), travel distribution (GDS, new forms of distribution such as Farelogix and the OpenAxis Group), government travel (federal and state government travel trends) and travel innovation (mobile, social). As keynote speaker, Norm’s vision inspires the audience to embrace the next wave of technology innovation. Here is a brief list of topics Norm can address:

  • Airport and airline trends
  • Airlines as a travel retailers
  • Corporate travel trends
  • Distribution evolution
  • Emerging technology impact on travel business practices
  • Evolution of the GDS and alternate distribution
  • Evolution of online for theme park distribution
  • Google’s Impact on travel distribution
  • Government travel trends
  • Hospitality technology trends
  • Innovation in Travel
  • Leisure distribution and dynamic packaging trends
  • Mobile technologies impact on the travel process
  • Online travel trends
  • Social Media – Network analysis
  • Tourism e-commerce and m-commerce evolution

Here is a brief summary of speeches given by Norm over the last 7 years:

BTN: Business Travel Trends San Francisco December 3, 2015:  Panel Discussion Topic:  Mobile Migration

Merkle Global Conference Los Angeles CA, November 4, 2015 Topic: Micro-targeting and Personalizing to the Connected Traveler (on behalf of Phocuswright)

Hotelbeds market Hub Global Conference, Los Cabos Mexico October 6, 2015  Topic: Trends and Outlook: Towards Simplicity in a Complex Industry (on behalf of Phocuswright)

BTN Innovate New York, New York September 16, 2014  Lead Judge on Innovate Presentation

Sabre Airline Global Conference:  Dallas, Texas April 14, 2014 Topic: Customer Acquisition: Get More Customers on the Top of the Funnel

Switchfly Thought Leadership Conference,  San Francisco February 2, 2015  Topic:  (Dis) Loyalty and the US Leisure Traveler (on behalf of Phocuswright)

The Beat Live, New Orleans, LA  October 7, 2014 Panel Discussion The Tech User’s Experience

BTN Innovate New York, New York September 4, 2014  Lead Judge on Innovate Presentations

BTN Business Travel Summit Pebble Beach June 25, 2014   Topic: Focus on the Role of Data in Managed Travel 

BTN Tech Talk Chicago Illinois May 22, 2014  Topic: Technology Trends for the Future: Dealing with Technological Driven Change 

Phocuswright Webinar: February 12, 2014  Topic:  API Management: How Third-Party Innovation Can Improve the Digital Travel Experience

Phocuswright Webinar:  March 25, 2014  European Corporate Travel: Trends to Watch

Airline Mega Event,  Vancouver BC,  November 12, 2013 – Topic: Customer Experience Management 

Lufthansa City Center Annual Conference 2013,  Dubrovnik, Croatia, November 8, 2013 – Topic: Emerging Technologies Impacting the Global Travel Industry   

IBM Airline Summit 2013,  Prague, Czech Republic, September 9, 2013 – Topic: Social Media for Airlines: Deciphering the Noise to Understand and Manage the Impact (on behalf of Phocuswright)

FTE Global 2013,  Las Vegas, Nevada, September 6, 2013 – Topic:  Passengers First, Re-Thinking Irregular Operations (on behalf of Phocuswright)

UATP Airline Distribution 2013- Miami Florida, April 17th, 2013 – Topic:  View from an Analyst

Farelogix Technology Symposium, Miami, Florida, April 16, 2013 – Topic: The Future of Travel Distribution 

Amadeus Airline IT, AIAB Nice, France April 10, 2013 Topic: Airline Customer Experience Management 

Abacus Corporate Travel Leaders Forum, Macau, China, March 21st, 2013 – Topic: Global Corporate Travel Overview 

UStiA 9th Annual Conference, Newport Beach, CA March 12, 2013 Topic:  Emerging Trends for Mobile and Social Media Use in the Travel Industry(on behalf of Phocuswright)

Farelogix Media Day Miami Florida, February 12, 2013, Topic: The Future of Travel Distribution.

Lufthansa Online & Mobile Lab 2012 Frankfurt Germany October 18, 2012 Topic:  Global Trends, Innovation and Mobile Technologies  (on behalf of Phocuswright)

BCD Affiliate Meeting – Cancun, Mexico March 20th, 2012 – Topic:  The Changing Travel Management Industry, Technologies  & Trends Impacting our Business (on behalf of Phocuswright), 

LA Group and Waag Society E-Tourism Strategy Symposium   Amsterdam, The Netherlands , November 2011 Topic: Technological e-Trends in the
Travel and Tourism Sectors (on behalf of Phocuswright)

Travelport Annual e-Volve Online Summit  -Rome, Italy, November 2011 Topics: Travel Unleashed, The Future of Search and The Importance of Content (on behalf of Phocuswright)

AmericInn Annual Conference Las Vegas, NV April 2011 –  Topic:  Mobile, Social, Local and the Hospitality Industry (on behalf of Phocuswright)

Amadeus Airline E-commerce Conference, Cannes, France June 2011 – Topic:  The Always-connected Traveler: How Mobile will Transform the Future of Air Travel

Amadeus Airport Showcase 2011, Cannes France, March 2011- Topic: Navigating the Airport of tomorrow

Israel Tourist and Travel Agent Association,  Eilat, Israel March 2011- Topic: The Impact of the Emerging Technologies and the Evolution of Distribution Systems on the Global Tourism Industry 

WCIT Amsterdam May 2010- Topic: Mobile Travel Innovation

Society for Government Travel Professions (SGTP) April 2010- Topic: Emerging Technologies Impact on Government Travel

Defense Department Connect 2010 April 2010 – Topic: Emerging Technologies Impact on Government Travel

PhoCusWright@ITB March 2010 – Topic:  Mobile Technology Update

EzRez Thought Leadership Conference February 2010 – Topic: Emerging Technologies Impact on the Global Travel Industry Executive Summit February 2010 – Topic: Dynamic Pricing

CASMA – October 2009 – Topic: Emerging Technologies Impacting The Global Airline Industry

Navitaire Customer Conference: October 2009 – Topic: Emerging Technologies Impacting The Global Airline Industry

Amadeus The 16th Amadeus Airline e-Commerce October 2009 – Topic :  Innovating Online Travel Business

Amadeus LATAM Travel Industry Leaders Forum September 2009 – Topic:  Corporate Travel Distribution and Technology Trends for Latin America