Travel Innovation Summit

March 17, 2021

The Philip Wolf I Knew

Tweet Philip’s passing yesterday was a shock for all who knew him, but for me it was extremely personal. My journey with Philip Wolf goes back nearly 30 years and I can state emphatically that Philip fundamentally had a positive impact on my life in countless ways and has had a lasting dramatic impact on the global travel industry.     […]
November 23, 2010

Inside the PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit

Tweet It was my pleasure again this year to be co-chair of the PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit 2010. The event brought together 33 companies in a fast paced series of 9 minute presentations/demos of innovative travel software. TIS is the brainchild of Bob Offutt (my co-chair) and Philip Wolf, CEO of PhoCusWright. TIS was modeled after the annual Demo Conference […]
December 2, 2009

Travel Innovation

Tweet As most of you know I was intimately involved with this year’s PhoCusWright’s Travel Innovation Summit. I have been tracking both new media and traditional coverage of the event. I wanted to provide you some feedback from the inside as well as some comments on the overall subject of innovation. First let me acknowledge the hard work of my […]