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November 13, 2006
OTA panel at PhoCusWright
November 14, 2006
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Live from PhoCusWright

I am listening to the opening panel at this year’s PhoCusWright Executive Conference. The Wall Street panel seems to be missing the Travel 2.0 wave by labeling the new move to social networks and other Travel 2.0 brands as not worthy of investment and incapable of stand-alone success. The attitude expressed seems to be missing the next disruptive impact of true Travel 2.0 apps. I am not surprised that this panel is blind to the shift as they all cover the traditional 1.0 companies that has gone public, who in general also are not understanding the latest trend.This group probably ignored Google’s growth in the early 2000’s because the “search area” was already established. There is a tidal wave a foot and Wall Street is still focusing on traditional 1.0 companies, what a shame.