Whether we are helping a client define and market a product or assisting with technology assessment and procurement, we closely track emerging technologies such as AI, mobile, social media IoT, wearables and virtual and augmented reality. The goal is always to insure that a client’s travel solution is “future proof” based on emerging trends and practices.

Travel Tech Consulting works with all the major players within the global travel industry value chain. This includes suppliers such as airlines, hoteliers and rail companies, intermediaries such as GDS, online and traditional travel agencies and tour operators. We are a direct government contractor supporting the U.S. General Services Administration.

Travel Technology

The systems that provide the backbone for the global travel industry have unique and specialized features and functions. TTCI has expertise in all sectors of the travel industry including online travel booking & wholesale technology, airline reservations & loyalty systems, global distribution systems, travel agent point of sale & distribution platforms, tour operators & wholesale software, corporate booking, expense solutions & business intelligence systems, hospitality property and central reservation technology and government authorization, booking & voucher automation. This includes a deep knowledge of technologies used for reservations, distribution, and marketing.

Technologies and Trends

Travel Tech Consulting is committed to researching, understanding and tracking technology trends that will impact the global travel industry. Technology alone is not the catalyst for change, but instead technology that drives new business process has the greatest impact on the industry. The following are a few areas of emerging technology of focus.

Social Media

Social networking and media has emerged as a major source of influence in travel purchases. Travel companies use social media to monitor brand integrity, create community, respond to customer inquiries, and market perishable inventory. This only scratches the surface of understanding the nature of the Social Web.

Travel Tech Consulting can provide travel companies with a detailed evaluation of a client’s social media presence through an analysis of the company’s social graph on Facebook, Twitter or any social platform. This includes creation of a detailed network analysis maps, which identifies key influencers and patterns, to better track how they impact a company’s brand. As a result of our efforts, companies can move beyond simply reacting to social media, to engage and execute strategy that drives positive brand image and incremental revenue.


Mobile devices are more than an additional traveler touchpoint, but a new platform for customer engagement. Mobile will be the dominate platform for travel commerce over the next five years. Mobile strategies need to encompass the entire organization and embrace overall corporate goals.

With a deep understanding of all industry segment needs, Travel Tech can help with planning a comprehensive end-to-end strategy for mobile application creation and execution.

Emerging Technologies

With the rapid pace of technological change emerging technology quickly becomes mainstream. Here are a few technologies we believe will have a major impact on the travel industry and travel experience over the next 3-5 years:
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality -impacting the planning, searching and experiencing of travel.
  • Digital Currencies and Blockchain technology- Altering the payment and backend financial structure of the travel industry
  • Intelligent computing – AI, Cognitive computing, machine learning and intelligent travel assistants will reshape the way travel is planned, booked and experienced.
  • Hyper local communication – with the growth of technology such as beacons, travelers can be contacted any time any place at a micro-geo level
  • Personalization – Through the use of Big Data analyzing explicit and implicit traveler behavior, travel products and services will be tailored to meet consumers’ needs.