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Overall the last 23 years Travel Tech Consulting Inc has produced numerous research reports, thought leadership whitepapers and articles.  A common theme across all these works are a set of practical predictions of how emerging technologies will  impact the travel experience. Research sponsored by a client can be downloaded below.   In addition, I have authored numerous articles for Phocuswright’s Innovation Edition.  A link to the article is provided, but can only be downloaded as part of a Phocuswright Innovation Edition subscription (some individual articles may be purchased)

Predictive Pricing and Personalized Bundles – June 2018

The Digitization of Cruise Bookings – May 2018

A Spotlight on Total Offer Optimization  – November 2017

Winning the Battle for Customer Ownership – July 2016

Identifying Early Adopters for Emerging Digital Travel Services January 2016

Wearables: Their Time Has Come – June 2015

Managing Global Social Intelligence – June 2015

The Airline as a Retailer- April 2016

Mobile Itineraries the key to merchandising for the TMC – Feb 2016

How Will the Internet of Things (IoT) Impact the Travel Experience? May 2015

What’s All the Buzz About Beacons – April 2015

Managed Travel 2020:  Technology Drives New Opportunities – October 2014

The Future of Travel Expense Processing – October 2014

Intelligent Travel Assistants: When Will True Intelligence Arrive? – August 2014

NDC Update: A Radical Change to Travel Distribution? – May 2014

Door-to-Door Travel and Multi modal Search: Finding and Booking a Complete Trip – April 2014

The Open Booking Effect and Its Impact on Corporate Travel – April 2014

The always-connected traveller: How mobile will transform the future of air travel  – July 2011

Navigating the Airport of Tomorrow –  April 2011