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November 21, 2007
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November 28, 2007
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Verizon tears down their walled garden

The announcement this week by Verizon that they are opening up their wireless network has significant importance for the development of new mobile travel applications here in the US. Unlike the rest of the word that operates using GSM technology, Verizon’s network is based on CDMA technology developed by Qualcomm. This makes cross networks application development problematic. Despite this limitation, the fact that Verizon has recognized that consumers want to be in control of the applications on their phone is a tremendous step towards a more Internet based model for mobile applications. Details of Verizon’s plan are still a bit sketchy but the basic thrust of the announcement is to allow third party developers to create applications that work with the Verizon network without the need to work through the Verizon deck (the deck refers to the allowed mobile applications controlled by the Verizon). Frequent travelers are often the first to embrace next generation wireless technology. In an open environment where 3rd party development is no longer tightly controlled by Verizon, travel specific mobile applications can be created that drive personalized, location based services to the mobile traveler.