May 8, 2007

Wireless Travel Applications

Last week I was interviewed by USA Today Weekend regarding mobile technology for the traveler. The premise of the call was focused on the prevalence of IPODs among travelers. The reporter asked some specific questions about downloading audio blogs for use by leisure travelers. The obvious application would allow the provider to segment the traveler population into special interest groups. […]
April 27, 2007

Web 3.0

First let me apologize to my blog readers for my long absense. I have been juggling a number of different client projects working long hours (which I know is the norm for today’s 24/7 business environment). Fortunately three of the projects are closing out this week so I am back. Lately I’ve been seeing a number of articles describing Web […]
March 28, 2007

O’Reilly ECT Day #2- Incantations for Muggles: The Role of Ubiquitous Web 2.0 Technologies in Everyday Life

The talk began with this basic premise: How do you balance needs of the users with emerging technologies? The goal of the talk was to use different lens on emerging tech and end-users. The backside of technology development is people. How to segment people which are not like “you” – don’t design for oneself or one size fits all. There […]
March 28, 2007

O”Reilly ECT – The Coming Age of Magic -Mike Kuniavsky, Co-founder and Principal, ThingM

Ubiquitous computing is moving away from traditional platforms (PC, PDA, smartphone) to include non traditional platforms such running shoes. In 1995 General Magic designed their wireless handheld interface as a desktop. This interface had limited functionality partially due to the desktop metaphor. Extending the desktop metaphor to a wireless device doesn’t work with ubiquitous computing. Mike is advocating the use […]
March 27, 2007

Jeff Hawkins

Jeff is the original founder and designer of Palm. He described human function and how his new company Numenta is developing next generation for intelligent computing. Jeff stated that you can’t get computers to act as humans- visual perception, auditory perception, somatosensory perception, Languages, Adaptive behavior, planning, thinking etc…. What is preventing this? Common wisdom believes: Computers are not powerful […]
March 27, 2007

Werner Vogels, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer,

Mr. Vogels is the VP and CTO of His talk focused on how Amazon has created an the backbone which can enable small start-ups to reach scale by using the Amazon’s infrastructure. The talk centered around how to build a business around ideas verses resources. Amazon services is designed to help a launch new businesses. Building an architecture to […]