April 24, 2006

Convergence and Behavioral Advertising

Back in the early days (1995) of the Internet (and my consulting practice as well) there was a lot of press devoted to the convergence of TV, the Web, and mobile communication. Today, the vision of U-commerce is slowly becoming a reality as the always connected consumer who is able to transact on multiple devices is emerging before our eyes. […]
April 21, 2006

ITM Study on SBT in Europe

A recent study by the Institute for Travel Management, a UK based organization that focuses on corporate travel, highlighted the disconnect between pundit predictions on the adoption of self-booking tools (SBTs) and feedback from members on a recent poll. The conclusions drawn from this survey emphasized the gap between the expectations of buyers and the actual adoption as well as […]
April 17, 2006

Google Travel speculation

Some media outlets picked up as news speculation in Russell Shaw’s Znet blog that Google intends to enter the travel booking market and partner with Orbitz. This story demonstrates a number of interesting trends. First how a blog can generate a “news story”. The basis for Mr. Shaw’s speculation concerns a job posting for a “Senior Account Executive Travel Vertical”. […]
April 7, 2006

What Do the AA, CO & LH deals with Worldspan Mean to the Changing Distribution Landscape?

During the last two weeks Worldspan has announced new five year contracts with three large airlines: American, Continental and Lufthansa. Do these contracts signal the end of the buzz around alternate distribution? In my view, major structural change in distribution will continue (and even accelerate) despite these announcements. Many pundits are quick to point out that it was these three […]
April 6, 2006

Globalization of Travel Software

On Monday evening I returned from a week in Europe visiting two clients. These meetings reinforced my belief that all segments of the travel industry are evolving to be more global in nature. Despite this fact, the trip reinforced the need for travel software vendors to understand and adapt to regional and country specific requirements. It is my belief that […]
March 7, 2006

High Yield Traffic

A clear battleground is emerging around the airline’s efforts to capture high yield traffic through low cost distribution. First I need to clearly define what I and the industry mean by the term “high yield traffic”. In a simple sense, high yield refers to the travel segment that is willing to pay a higher fare for a perceived value. This […]