February 21, 2006

Re-defining the Need for a Travel Booking Engine

For years a standard travel e-commerce approach to online booking involved licensing a “booking engine” for the Website. These booking engines began as a front-end to the GDS allowing the consumer to book air, car and hotel online. As travel e-commerce became more complex, booking engines often added business logic and customer profile information. An alternative trend to enable Website […]
February 9, 2006


When I launched my consulting practice in 1995, many of my early clients (Carlson Leisure Group, Broadvision) focused on using personalization techniques for travel planning and booking. It is surprising that now in 2006, we’ve still seen few efforts by the major travel players to filter queries and deliver more personalized information for their customers. There are some obvious concerns […]
February 2, 2006

It’s All About Aggregation

I wanted to further clarify my beliefs regarding the changing travel distribution environment. First let me make one point clear, I do not believe the GDS will “replaced” by the so called GNEs. A more realistic scenario is that both GDS and GNEs will exist as low cost distribution channels. The debate should not be framed around GDS verses GNEs. […]
February 1, 2006

Reuters Article

It was nice to be quoted in a today’s Reuters’ article. Unfortunately , the reporter became confused between the definition and concept of a GDS and that of an online travel agent. Though there is a connection between online travel and the GDS, (Travelocity and Orbitz are owned by two of the GDS, in the case of Cendant they own […]
January 31, 2006

Dynamic Packaging verses Dynamic Shopping

Dynamic packaging has continued to be the topic du jour for many suppliers and intermediaries. In addition to online travel agencies offering dynamic packaging, many core supplier have also thrown in their hat to the dynamic packaging trend. A driving reason for suppliers to offer dynamic packaging is the underlying belief that dynamic packaging will lead to increased stickiness and […]
January 26, 2006

New Start Up with Fetch Technologies

I wanted to let my blog readers know of a new start up I am launching in conjunction with Fetch Technologies. Without divulging too much information, the new entity is based on patented AI search technology from Fetch that indexes the “deep Web”. The product will be a traveler tool that allows the consumer to “Collect, Organize and Share” information […]