September 5, 2006

AA/Sabre Deal, A big sigh of relief?

The last minute agreement reached between AA and Sabre has many in the corporate travel world breathing a sigh of relief. I fear that TMCs and corporate customers will quickly return to a state of complacency regarding the radical underlying changes happening in travel distribution. Yes this agreement avoids the additional imposed fees, but by its nature the new agreement […]
August 22, 2006

BTC’s Position Paper

My apologies for being off the radar for a few weeks. I’ve been called back by the U.S. government (GSA eTravel project) to assist with a major software procurement. I can’t go into much detail, but the solution has the potential to save some significant dollars (as in Billions) for the U.S. taxpayer. I wanted to comment on the position […]
August 2, 2006

Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth technology

Microsoft’s Live Labs has introduced a new technology that synthesizes photos of a single destination from a variety of sources to provide an immersive experience for the user. Photo tagging is already a big part of Travel 2.0 and this technology has the potential to provide a travel shopper a true virtual experience of a destination by integrating photos taken […]
July 20, 2006


For the last 8 months I’ve been working with BlackHistoryTours (BHT). The company was founded 6 years ago by Eric and Lisa Alboher. Since its creation, the primary focus has been on escorted bus tours for inner city youth to African American cultural sites. By creating tours around African American heritage sites (e.g. National Civil Rights Museum, the National Voting […]
July 18, 2006

GDS contracts

I thought I’d chime in on the current industry focus regarding total access fees and the renegotiation of GDS contracts. I tend to look at this issue in a very black and white fashion: Financial incentives for travel agents (and TMCs) are going away. Whether this is the first step (e.g. Sabre, Galileo) or a complete elimination (Worldspan) of these […]
July 18, 2006

HP’s “Memory Spots”

Yesterday HP announced a new “inexpensive, wireless, battery-free microchip that can store documents, audio files or video clips. The memory spots are similar in some ways to the more simplistic radio-frequency identification tags. But they are far smarter and more secure: They can store more than 250 times as much data as RFID, transmit data more than 20 times faster […]