November 29, 2006

Nile Project Personalized Trip Planning

This week I met with Josh Steinitz, CEO of a new start-up called the Nile Project. The Nile Project uses personalization techniques enabling the consumer to create a more customized tour of a city. The consumer explicitly choosers an area of interest, then by using Ajax, the Nile project presents the consumer a limited number of preferences related to those […]
November 16, 2006

Recap of PhoCusWright Executive Conference 06

It has been my pleasure to be associated with PhoCusWright over the last 7 years. I met Philip Wolf in the late 1980s and I have always repected Philip’s ability to understand emerging trends and push the industry towards a more user centric approach to online and offline travel. I have been attending Philip’s conference since its inception. Each year […]
November 15, 2006

VC Forum panel at PhoCusWright

The VC panel this morning echoed a theme I have heard a lot over the last 8 months: VCs will only invest in online travel companies that have already established customers and revenue. The important thing to remember is that the true disruptors in the online travel market where not funded by VCs. Expedia was an incubator at Microsoft, Travelocity […]
November 14, 2006

Corporate Travel Panel

Listening to the corporate travel panel, it is very clear that these executives don’t get it. Travel 2.0 means disruption. This panel is still sticking to the same themes they’ve used for years.
November 14, 2006

OTA panel at PhoCusWright

Wow, listening to Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and Priceline reinforces the fact that they are really the legacy online players. Nothing new from the panel and a characterization of Travel 2.0 as “tools” misses the fragmented nature of the every increasing number of new travel sites. Will Expedia et al be able to capture the Facebook/My Space generation?
November 14, 2006

Live from PhoCusWright

I am listening to the opening panel at this year’s PhoCusWright Executive Conference. The Wall Street panel seems to be missing the Travel 2.0 wave by labeling the new move to social networks and other Travel 2.0 brands as not worthy of investment and incapable of stand-alone success. The attitude expressed seems to be missing the next disruptive impact of […]