January 3, 2006

WorldTravel, BTI, and TQ3

Today’s announcement may have caught many by surprise. In case you haven’t seen it –1) WorldTravel and BTI are dissolving their partnership2) BTI UK will most likely be re-branded as Hogg Robinson and will likely purchase additional agencies in the US3) TQ3 (TUI) is selling its European operations to BCD (the owner of WorldTravel)4) Navigant will retain the TQ3 brand […]
December 15, 2005

Airline Channel Management

A lot has been written (including in this Blog) on the fragmentation of inventory and the emergence of alternate distribution platforms. One underlying theme that has not been discussed is the need for airlines to execute effective channel management strategies. There are a number of software solutions that allow hotels to manage different buckets of inventory through different channels, why […]
December 13, 2005

Adventure Travel

Back in October I had the pleasure of speaking at the first Adventure Travel World Summit in Seattle. This was a super event that brought together for the first time a variety of outdoor and multi-cultural providers. The content was top notch and the attendees represented the leaders in this segment. A recent study by Cendant stated that ” (the […]
December 13, 2005

Sub Market Online Travel Growth

2006 promises to see a significant growth for online travel sites that are targeted to specific sub-markets. Based on some current projects it is clear to me that online travel growth will come in terms of vertical market specific sites. These sites will either focus on specific market segments such as large ethnic markets or types of travel such as […]
August 22, 2005

Grass Root Content

Content is king again, but I believe the concept of content is being turned upside down by the growth of traveler generated content. For years travel sites have believed that content was best delivered online using traditional offline technologies such as guide books. The reality of the Net is starting to change the nature of content. Two key technologies are […]
July 21, 2005

Forced packaging

As you probably know late last year I authored a research study on the subject of dynamic packaging. Most of the industry agrees that packaging is a major trend and that the technology behind dynamic packaging is improving. While purchasing an airline ticket at a major online site I was bewildered by the number of unnecessary screens offering packaging. This […]